CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals, Inc.

CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization of independent family law attorneys, financial experts, and mental health professionals aligned with the principles and ethical standards of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. We are dedicated to providing Central New York families with effective out-of-court solutions to the difficult, practical, emotional, and economic issues of divorce and separation, particularly as they affect family identity and children.

Our objective is to help you make a healthy and hopeful transition to the next period of your life with a minimum of damage to important relationships, including, community and family ties. When you choose the Collaborative Process, you, and your spouse, each get to choose a counselor/advocate from among our dozens of specially trained attorneys. Your attorney works as part of a team of professionals, including a trained coach and facilitator, to assist you in your joint development of solutions that are focused on each of your futures, while at the same time acknowledging, and addressing with respect, the needs and concerns of each other and your children.