Client Testimonials

Legal separation/divorce is complicated, can be very expensive, and can tear families/children apart. The Collaborative Process provides the best approach to avoid these problems! It allows attorneys to advise on strategies and applicable laws, however, it let’s you (rather than the attorneys and the judge) decide the specifics of your divorce. Done under the guiding hand of a facilitator with dignity and civility for all parties, the Collaborative Process keeps “fights” to a minimum, protecting not only each participant, but also the fallout on any children. Added bonus? It’s less expensive than litigation. I would highly recommend the Collaborative Process to any couple wishing a mindful, comprehensive separation agreement/divorce.

The Collaborative Process provided an environment that allowed both parties to come to an amicable resolution without completely destroying both parties. Attorneys were able to focus on the financial aspects and the therapist gave emotional support both in the meetings and outside as well. The combination of professionals made the process work.

“The collaborative process worked well for us. I truly believe that if we had gone to court, not only would we have spent an exorbitant amount of money on attorney fees, I doubt the two of us would have ended our relationship amicably. Using the collaborative process was vital because we have children. We were able to focus on what was going to work best for them, as they are the most important part of our divorce and separation..”
K.C., Clay, NY