Consider the Long Term Costs of Your Short Term Savings

The first and most important financial consideration in any divorce, separation or family issue is that, within the limits of available resources, everyone is treated fairly and has what they need to move forward with their life.

People often look for the least expensive way to resolve their marriage and family issues. They are less likely to consider the long term costs of their short term savings. Usually, cost is a measure of the time being spent by lawyers and others to come to an agreement. A hurried decision, or a forced decision, is unlikely to be the best decision and often can have serious cost implications for the long run.

Second, but still of great importance, is how much will it really cost to get your issue resolved?  It depends on the issues and the parties.  Stubbornness is more expense than compromise, and sometimes principle is more important than money.  In collaboration we avoid a number of the most expensive elements of a litigated case.  There is no costly discovery, since all of the relevant data goes on the table right at the outset.  There are no motions to research, draft and argue.  There are no battling experts, no piles of letters, no repetitive offers and counter-offers.  All of which saves clients money . As a result, there is more time to devote to understanding and focusing on your needs and to working out mutually effective solutions together.