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Financial Considerations

Nearly all family conflicts involve financial issues:  within the limits of the parties’ means, how will two households be supported, who will retain what property, how will debts and expenses be allocated, and what are the costs for professional guidance?  Everyone wants parity and reasonable results so spouses can move forward with their lives ahead.

CNYCFLP’s neutral Financial Specialists work with you to resolve concerns about money and financial welfare.  They are trained and licensed in a wide variety of financial fields and are skilled at working with the other members of your Collaborative Team (attorneys and mental health providers) to help your family achieve its common interests.

Financial concerns in family cases can be simple and straightforward; or detailed and complex.  Ranging from establishing the agreed-upon values of houses, retirement plans, and businesses; to figuring out pre-marital contributions in a relationship; to planning for post-divorce incomes; to creating budgets for child-related and personal expenses:  a Collaborative Team has the people, knowledge and resources to guide families through the myriad of issues in the finance of divorce and separation.  Tax planning strategies and comprehensive business valuations are among the important services available to couples in the Collaborative Law process.

Contact a Collaborative Financial Professional or Attorney to learn more about how you can work with your Collaborative Team to uncover workable options and reach outcomes that meet your individual and family’s financial goals.