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Fair and Equitable Resolution

Voluntary disclosure of all information which is relevant and material occurs without hesitation or push-back.  Everyone commits to using good faith efforts to arrive at a fair and equitable resolution that is private, binding, and fully able to be adhered to and enforced.

In fact, the attorneys and any mental health and financial advisors in a Collaborative case are so committed to the welfare of each family and to the success of the Collaborative Method that their involvement terminates in the unlikely event contested court action is necessary.

The independent Attorneys, Collaborative Facilitators, and Financial Advisors of CNYCFLP provide professional support and a structure of dignity and mutual respect to work toward family conflict resolution.  For almost 20 years, the Collaborative Process in Central New York has enabled hundreds of couples whose relationships are ending to convene together, on their own schedule, and arrive at workable solutions that address their individual priorities and the needs of their children.  No courts, no third-party deadlines, no outside pressure tactics, no hasty decision making.