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Galen F. Haab, Esq.

Galen Haab

Germain & Germain, LLP

314 East Fayette Street
Syracuse, New York 13202

Phone: 315-422-0314
Fax: 315-478-6544

J.D., John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois, 1998

About Galen Haab:
Galen has been a divorce and family law attorney for over 22 years. In addition to being a Litigation Attorney since he was admitted to the bar, Galen has been using the Collaborative Method to help people divorce since 2005. He finds that using Collaboration helps the vast majority of divorcing parties resolve their issues far better than litigation. In litigation, the parties rarely get to speak to the Judge. Instead their attorneys do all the talking. The Judge decides all of the contested issues where the parties don’t agree, and trials can become extraordinarily expensive very quickly. In Collaboration, the parties, with the help and support of the total team, decide custody, child support, spousal maintenance and the division of their property. We use collaborative professionals when we need help to solve whatever difficult problems may arise, be they custody, income or support related issues or complex business or pension evaluations. Galen seeks to help clients resolve their divorce issues with the respect and dignity that you and your spouse deserve